Large Objects

The various large, Andy Warhol style objects were a solution to the need for end tables. The “Spam Can” won a spot in a 2005 summer exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There were over 5,000 entries from California to Texas, with only 101 chosen.

Other objects were suggested by friends. The “Oreo Cookie” coffee table was an idea of bicycle riding friend Steve Bales. The four-foot diameter table is constructed of cement over a wood frame. The “Pork Brains in Milk Gravy Can” was an idea from Buster Fenton, another bicycle riding friend and expert cook, who is familiar with this East Texas delicacy.

The ten foot long working slide rule is a replica of Jim’s father’s slide rule. It was suggested by Jim’s college roommate, Eddie Bennett.

The large slide rule has been contributed to The University of Texas at Arlington. It will be displayed under “Five Generations of Engineers” with Jim’s collection of slide rules and calculators.